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Effective January 1, 2008 amending changes to the law now allows for licensed child-placing agencies, like AGAPE of NC INC. to act as confidential intermediaries between adult adoptees, adult lineal descendants of a deceased adoptee, parents of adoptees under the age of 21, and biological parents.  



  • When an adoptee, birth parent, lineal descendant or adoptive parent of child under the age of 21 contacts a licensed child placing agency regarding Confidential Intermediary Services, an initial contact and desires are discussed.


  • If the agency decides to provide Confidential Intermediary Services then the client will complete an Application for Confidential Intermediary Services. The individual seeking the services must have the form notarized.


  • A Confidential Intermediary Agreement will also be completed by both the client and AGAPE


  • The client will also complete a Consent to Release Information and/or Contact, as well as a Release of Liability and Agreement to Hold Harmless. The client must have both of these forms notarized. AGAPE will provide the client with a signed copy of all forms.


  • The client who is a lineal descendant of a deceased adoptee must provide sufficient documentation to AGAPE to establish lineal descent. AGAPE has the discretion to determine what documentation is sufficient. Examples are, but are not limited to, birth and death certificates.


  • AGAPE will initiate the search by reviewing agency records.


  • AGAPE will search and attempt to locate identified parties. If located AGAPE will determine their desire to participate in the sharing of identifying information, updated medical information and/or personal contact. The identified parties will be required to sign a Consent of Release of Information and/or Contact. This form is separate from the one signed by the person initially seeking contact. The identified party must have the form notarized.


  • If the identified party consents to release of identifying information, updated medical information and/or personal contact, AGAPE will facilitate the sharing of information.


Thank you for your interest in our confidential intermediary services. Whether seeking more information about your biological family’s medical history, exploring a desire to learn more about your family of origin, exploring the possibility of meeting your biological family or exploring the desire to reunite with a child you placed for adoption. Here is how you begin the process:

If you or someone you know is interested in locating a birth family member or a child, please contact Kim Scott, Executive Director of AGAPE of NC, at 919-673-7816 or  They can share general information and get you assigned to a social worker to start the process. 


AGAPE will support you through your journey!



Many of the children available for adoption are eligible for monthly payments, medical benefits, and other services. The monthly adoption assistance payment in North Carolina is based on the age of the child and the child’s specific special needs. More information is available at the N.C. Division of Social Services website and through your adoption agency.




County Department of Social Services (DSS)

Each county department of social services provides help to families through their foster care and/or adoptive experience. Many offer support groups, individual consultations and advocacy. Visit for specific county information or call toll- free 1-877-625-4371



NCFAPA is statewide organization of adoptive, foster, and kinship parents, child welfare professionals, and child advocates. The association promotes quality foster and adoptive services through collaborative advocacy, education, resources and networking. NCFAPA offers caregivers information, training, education, technical assistance, and support. Membership is open to all persons interested in strengthening foster and adoptive services. Call toll-free 1-866-623-7248 or visit for more information.



The Family Support Network of North Carolina [link to] locations across the state provide support and information to families caring for children with special needs and for those individuals serving families. They operate a central directory of resources of local, state, and national agencies that offer service, parent programs, support groups, disability information, parenting issues, and other topics. They also offer training and outreach to families and an extensive lending library. Call toll-free 1-800-852-0042 or visit for more information.



Family Resource Centers provide community-based family support services for all family members. Services may include parent education, therapy, information and referral, and other services unique to the community. Call 919-334-1150

AGAPE will support you through your journey!

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