Share Your Story: An Opportunity for Foster Youth

Leah Tripp

Sharing stories is a vital part of building and finding community.

FosterClub, an organization that strives to provide foster children and youth with a network of peers and mentors, is currently holding a contest that is based on the powerful impact of storytelling.

The contest, called the “Creative Expression Contest,” is taking submissions from any youth under the age of 25 that has experienced foster care.

share your story.jpeg

The theme of the contest is “Finding Your People: How Foster Youth Connect.” Contestants are encouraged to focus their entries on the process of finding peers within foster care, the importance of connecting with others who have experienced the complexities of foster care, and how finding a community within the foster care system has equipped them to better serve those around them.

Submissions can be in any form of writing (essay, poem, etc), but must be under 500 words and written in English. While a trusted adult can help with the development of the submission, the content of the entry should be that of the contestant.

Entries for the Creative Expression Contest are due on April 30th, 2019. Each creator of a work that is published by FosterClub will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you or someone you know has experienced foster care and would like to share their story via FosterClub’s contest, visit their site here for a more detailed list of entry guidelines.