Igniting a Spark

by Kim Scott


Thirty-one percent of Christians consider becoming foster parents, while only 3% follow through and become licensed foster parents. This statistic should resonate within the soul of every Christian given that Jesus calls all of His followers to care for the poor, the widowed, and the orphaned. I know that this is not an easy decision, but I want to share with you all a few reasons to seriously pray and use discernment if you have ever considered becoming a foster parent. I believe that when we align our wills with God’s will for our lives and make room in our home for someone without a family, we are showing God’s love in a very tangible way. This love—God’s love—cannot be understated.

First, it’s important to recognize that becoming a foster parent is not only about you, it’s also about loving vulnerable kids and families. Many people feel like they may get too attached to the children they are fostering and fear the hurt they might feel if the child is reunited with their family. I understand why one might be afraid. But we must ask ourselves: Don’t these kids, like all children, deserve someone who will be attached to them and will love them through the difficulties they may be facing? Foster parenting is about providing love and having compassion for a hurting child. To be sure, this does not mean that becoming a foster parent is easy. In times like this, it is important to remember that God does not call the equipped— God equips the called. Even though it may not be easy, it will be worth it! Foster parenting is one way we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. In other words, it is one way we can do the work of Christ. It provides the golden opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in a very practical way, which could make an eternal difference in the life of the kids and their biological families. Imagine the impact on the children as they hear prayer and the word of God in their new home. Imagine the peace the biological families would feel knowing that their children are in a loving place. Although there will be struggles, I believe that the efforts will pale in comparison to the significant impact that you could have on their lives and your own. God has a plan and a purpose for each of their lives, and you get to play a small, but vital role in helping them and their purpose. Every child has a destiny designed by God found only in an identity with Him.

There is a great need for families willing to welcome these kids into their homes so they may have the chance to discover a relationship with Christ and become all that God has called them
to be. Being able to pray for and with the kids in your home, while watching them begin to pray and develop their relationship with Jesus through what you have modeled, is an eternal reward. You can sow the seeds of faith into their lives that will reap an eternal harvest. Watching the kids learn to pray and begin praying for their biological parents produces an indescribable joy. Knowing that you have provided love, safety, prayers, and care for a child as they are navigating through their circumstances is one of life’s greatest rewards.

Becoming a foster parent provides so much opportunity to share the Gospel. The light of Christ is at its brightest when people see people loving children. You can change the world one child at a time through foster parenting. This a very powerful ministry. My prayer is that this brief essay will ignite a spark in you, and that you will seek God’s will with discernment to see if this is a ministry He is calling you to.