Let Me Tell You About My Family

by Leah Leason

Leah is a wife, writer, and foster care alumni.  You can find her blog at www.pronouncedleah.blogspot.com


In this article by Leah Leason from Foster Focus Magazine, Leah reaches into what really belonging can mean to someone raised in the foster system.  She quotes "All my life I felt like I grew up with a giant neon sign plastered on my forehead that flashed “FOSTER KID” over and over. No matter how hard I tried to fit in it always seemed like I was different and didn’t quite blend in as well as I would have liked".  

Foster Alumni groups are making a real difference giving those raised as foster children a community.  Leah found a group near her saying "After meeting this group of foster alumni I realized I wanted more. Connecting with people who have had a similar past, after living for so long feeling isolated, was one of the most validating and moving things I’ve ever experienced".

Growing up throughout the foster care system in Minnesota has inspired Leah to write and share her experiences and life. She hopes to inspire others to speak up about their experiences, break social stigmas surrounding foster care, and shed some light on an often neglected group of people. Check out her article here.