What Makes AGAPE Unique?

by Lydia Huth

What sets AGAPE apart from America’s wide selection of adoption and foster care services? For many people, it comes down to AGAPE’s sense of community and Christian foundation.

AGAPE strives to support every family so that they are fully equipped to care for their adoptive or foster children. “We work diligently to provide as much support to our families as possible,” executive director Kimberly Scott said. “Our goal is to ensure they have the energy and resources that they need to care for these children as a labor of love, without taking away from their family, their finances, their way of life. All of us, families included, have the opportunity to serve and be a part of children’s journeys, and that really enriches lives.”

This caring community can truly be essential for your family. “There’s a lot of good stuff in situations like these, but there’s stressful stuff too,” Nicole Spickard, an AGAPE staff member and the daughter of AGAPE’s founding executive director, explained. “You have to laugh and love to get through the tough parts of it. AGAPE’s a family—it has to be.”

Amy Parker, a foster mother through AGAPE, says that the faith-based foundation helps her family feel secure as they teach their foster son Christian values. “As soon as we’re done with books, Matthew* is like, ‘Okay, prayers!’ and he says the sweetest little prayers. That’s important to us, and it’s nice knowing that we won’t get any pushback from any county about it. They know and understand that AGAPE is an openly Christian organization.”

If you are called to adoption or foster care, AGAPE is excited to welcome you into our community! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about “Why AGAPE?”

*Name changed