Staff Recommendation: A Memoir that Powerfully Captures the Pain of Child Abuse

by Lydia Huth

If you want to increase your empathy for the hurting children in your community, find a copy of A Child Called It. The memoir is a powerful introduction to the life of a child abuse survivor, and it opens our eyes to what foster and adoptive children may have faced.

In A Child Called It, author Dave Pelzer shares the abuse he suffered as a young child. From age four, he was abused by his mother, both physically and emotionally. This was his life for eight years, until he was brought into foster care at age twelve.

The book was published in 1995, and was included on the New York Times Bestseller List for multiple years.

This recommendation was provided by Mr. Jerry Sprague, our social services coordinator. He notes that the book can be too intense for some readers, so it is advised that one reads with caution.  

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