Interested in respite care, but don’t know where to start?

by Lydia Huth

If you’re interested in respite care, AGAPE of N.C. is developing the perfect program for you. This short training program is a brief overview of the training required for foster parents, so respite care providers will be well equipped to look after the children in their care.

A respite care provider is a qualified, trained individual who steps in temporarily for full-time caregivers, such as foster parents. These providers can offer babysitting services to foster families for anywhere from two hours to seventy-two hours. If you’re interested in learning more about respite care, see our previous article HERE.

AGAPE’s program will provide highlights from the foster parent training, as well as insights into what foster children may have experienced. Kimberly Scott, AGAPE’s executive director, explained, “Our training will help respite care providers learn where the kids are coming from so that they can meet the needs of each unique child.”

The training will take about three hours and include time for trainees to ask any questions that they may have. The goal is for AGAPE’s respite care providers to feel comfortable and equipped. AGAPE plans to have at least two training sessions in the fall.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact Kaye Orander, our administrative assistant, at 919.673.7816, or reach out to AGAPE by email or through the contact form on the website. We are excited to work with you!