Make an Impact in Ten Seconds: Follow and Share

By Lydia Huth

If you have ten seconds and a social media account, you can be a vital part of supporting AGAPE of N.C. How? It’s simple: follow, like, and share. Interacting with us on social media will only take a few seconds of your time, but it spreads our outreach to a whole new community.

You have a unique, valuable community of friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors, many of whom have never heard of AGAPE or our mission. These people may be called to make a difference in the life of a child, or they may be equipped to help our mission—but how can that happen if they never hear about us? By connecting with your community, you open the door for families to find AGAPE, whether they are ready to meet a need or are in need of our services.

Once begun, that positive impact will only keep spreading. Picture this: ten people share a post to their individual social media networks. From each of those ten shares, one new follower finds AGAPE. Just like that, our impact has doubled! Now imagine what would happen if those ten new followers shared that post, and ten more from those posts… the results only multiply.

Ready to help? Here are three action steps that you can take to join our outreach movement:

  1. Follow: Follow us on Instagram (@agapeofnc), Twitter (@AGAPEofNC), and Facebook (Agape of North Carolina). You can also sign up for our newsletter here on the website.

  2. Share: Help us get the word out! On Twitter, retweet posts that matter to you, or ones that may be important to your community. On Facebook, hit the “share” button to tell your network about us. On Instagram, tag us in a photo or repost one of ours.

  3. Like: If you enjoy our posts, simply give us a “like”!