Much to My Surprise!

by Beth Storms

In 1991, after almost 7 years living in NC, for personal reasons our family decided it was best to move back to Ohio.  In August my daughter and I returned to our hometown to get her settled into school; John remained in Cary to sell the house.

If memory serves me correctly, Glen and/or Donna Walls told John about the upcoming annual October Agape of NC banquet and how I really needed to be there; unbeknownst to me I was being honored for my participation in Loveline.  Initially resisting, John somehow convinced me to come back down to attend this event without spilling the beans!  We rode to the banquet in Greensboro with Glen and Donna; Sandy and David Bowsman, also active volunteers in Wake County Loveline, shared our table. 

David Clinard, a social worker and director of Family Services with Agape of NC then located in Greensboro, is presenting me with the plaque in the bottom picture.  The kind, caring attentiveness of this man has never been forgotten; while some details of this event are a bit rusty after 26 years, his example has remained crystal clear and has lived on as a very influential force in my life.

The bond I felt that night of seeing Christians who individually serve in this much-need ministry across the state come together also remained clear.  It is true when you give of yourself, God gives back immeasurably. 

The impact David, a group of unified volunteers, and Agape had on my life proves you never know what seed you are planting day by day in someone's life, perhaps in the heart of a child.  

To those who do not know me, my husband John and I moved back to NC in 1997; we attend and serve through the Raleigh church of Christ.  Our daughter and her family still live in Ohio.  I volunteered to be a backpack distributor for Agape of NC in May.