Respite Care, Its Importance, and How You Can Help

By Lydia Huth

While many people have never heard of respite care, it is an impactful way for individuals to support the foster families in their community. A respite care provider is a qualified, trained individual who steps in temporarily for full-time caregivers, such as foster parents.

These individuals have a massive impact on caregiving families. Respite care not only allows foster families to better provide for their foster and biological families’ needs, but as AGAPE Executive Director Kimberly Scott explains, it ensures that the parents “have time to rejuvenate themselves to be able to give more to the family unit as a whole.” Respite care providers are a valuable support system for families called to foster care.

Respite care comes in many different forms, so it is able to fit many different situations. The respite care providers are able to decide how long of a period that they can provide care, typically ranging from a day to a week. Also, they may choose whether they will provide care in their own home or at the foster family’s home.

AGAPE would be happy to connect you with more resources on respite care, or give you more information on how you can provide respite care for AGAPE families. If you have questions or would like to get started, please contact Kaye Orander, our administrative assistant, at 919.673.7816.