Aging Out of the Alabama Foster System

by The Fostered Butterfly


This blog is the hard reality of one girl's experience.  She is now working as an advocate for foster children and her story is compelling and worth reading.  We can and must learn from the past if we want to do better in the future and the children in our care deserve our best. 

"By the end of my senior year, I lost both parents, failed my high school graduation exam, had no money, no transportation, no support system (nor friends or family) and my foster parents did not want anything to do with me, as they told me, “I’m not daughter material and I will never be.” The Department of Human Resources stated that if I wanted to exit the foster system, I was to uphold I steady job and place to live, with letters of recommendations to go with. Well, I met a potential roommate who would let me rent a room for a reasonable price and I located a job at a local food restaurant in Troy, AL. It didn’t work out with the job because of transportation and I had called and applied everywhere I could think of, without transportation.”  

AGAPE of NC needs your help to address situations just like this here in North Carolina.  This is why we are launching two homes that will cater to the independent living environment for young adults (18-21 years old). One of the homes is located in the Winston Salem area and will be accepting males 18-21 years of age from all over the state. The other home is located in the Durham area and will accept young women 18-21 years of age from all over the state. While we are excited to expand our services this is just the beginning and we continue to look for couples and singles that would be interested in serving this population.