AGAPE OF NORTH CAROLINA is a non-profit, professional Christian agency sponsored by the churches of Christ. AGAPE is licensed by the state of North Carolina department of health and human services as a private adoption agency. AGAPE has been providing adoptive services for 33 years. Our adoption program includes available children from both birth parents only after careful consideration of what is best for them and their child as well as from the foster care system where reunification with the birth family is no longer a viable option. It is important to remember that the goal of the adoption process is based on finding the family that can best meet the specific needs of that particular child.


What is Adoption?

Adoption is the permanent legal placement of a child with a qualified family. AGAPE provides adoption services for infants, children, teens and special needs children.


Requirements for becoming an adoptive parent(s)

  • Have to be at least 18 years old

  • Single or married

  • Consideration of what it will mean to have a child come into your family

  • Consideration of how this will affect you/your life/lives

  • Consideration of how this will affect the child’s life

  • Be Fully committed

  • Have realistic expectations

  • Willingness to ensure opportunities for the child to thrive to their fullest abilities physically, academically, socially and emotionally

  • Must be a christian


Characteristics great in an adoptive parent/family

  • Strong faith

  • Stability

  • Commitment

  • Recognition of the need to stay in touch with others that child has loved such as foster parents, siblings, teachers, etc.

  • Loving

  • Nurturing

  • Compassion

  • Patient

  • forgiving


Myths about what it takes to be an adoptive parent/family

  • You have to own your own home ……Not true

  • You have to be perfect………………….Not true

  • You have to be married…………………Not true

  • It is expensive to adopt…………………Not necessarily

  • You have to make a lot of money……..Not true


Steps in the adoption process

  • Research the aspects of adopting/adoption

  • Choose an agency

  • Submit an application

  • Complete Pre-Placement Assessment (Home Study)

  • Work with agency in regards to potential available children

  • Submit Home Study to chosen child’s agency

  • Visit with your child

  • Bring your child home

  • Complete supervisory Period

  • Legalize the adoption

  • Celebrate the new addition to your family


Let’s get started

Thank you for your interest in becoming an adoptive parent/family with AGAPE. Caring for the rising number of children without a forever home requires a serious commitment. However, the personal satisfaction that comes from providing a stable, nurturing, and secure environment to a child is beyond measure. 

  • Here is how you begin the process:

  • Call the main office in Raleigh NC @ 919-673-7816 or email and inform of your interest in adopting a child. They can share general information and get you assigned to a social worker to start the process.

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AGAPE will support you through your journey!

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